The workshop training was fabulous. Alice was very positive, well-prepared, kind, caring and inspiring - obviously very well-trained.

Stella Jennings

Very honest delivery, a wide range of material that can be adapted for many scenarios. Beautifully presented, very flexible approach.

Ruth Hope

I wanted to write and thank you for the course, for all I have gained and for the support you have given us. You are a really wonderful teacher.

Max and Amy Worthington



Teaching groups is what I love to do most in the world. I still make mistakes every day, but I am really good at what I do. I want you to feel as confident as you can when you ask me to work with you. And I want to learn from you right from our first conversation so that I can get it spot on for your organisation.

I love the challenge of co-creating an environment where people feel comfortable and can engage with learning. I use humour a lot, have my focus firmly on group safety and trust, and love getting to know your team. Everything I offer is invitational, and I always start by asking participants to join in or not with particular learning experiences as they choose, without a need for explanation.

In terms of what I offer, the format obviously depends on context. A day might include a mix of 'front of group' teaching, small group reflection, practice exercises and time looking at particular situations you are facing.

If you're organising a training, you take a risk in choosing someone to work with you. I will always do my very best to honour your trust in me. I welcome you letting me know at any point if something isn't working for you, and I am confident that we will sort it together.