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It has been such a great learning experience.  I didn’t really know what to expect.  I feel very excited and inspired by what I have learnt.  I look forward to taking this into all areas of my life.

Oliver Cain

Excellent forum to learn more about the Together Approach... Directly relevant to all aspects of school life. Wonderful instruction and exercises - thank you!

Jane Brandon

Life changing! It doesn’t necessarily make the task of parenting easier but it does make it more meaningful and provides a pathway out of sticky situations. I have learnt more about myself and it has enriched all of my relationships not just the relationship I have with my children.

Corrie Bell



The Together Approach is a toolkit of interpersonal skills.

  • It's powerful  it dramatically improves relationships in and outside of work

  • It's remarkable you can achieve significant shifts are just 3 hours of learning

  • It’s simple – there are just a few core principles that you can apply in hundreds of different ways

  • It’s exciting – Together skills can be a game changer for meaningful social change

  • It’s robust – it makes sense intellectually, emotionally and practically, appealing to a whole variety of people

Scroll down to get a flavour of the Approach.

The tools are solidly based in the work of Marshall Rosenberg and Nonviolent Communication. I want to acknowledge him and all the NVC trainers and colleagues I have learned from in the UK and internationally over many years.

And the name? I believe that each of us has enormous value to contribute, and that we solve problems most effectively when we come together in ways that work. The challenge of our times to bridge the huge gaps between us is met in an approach which helps us deeply understand the other whilst remaining absolutely true to what we hold most precious ourselves.

Wet grass


We all live in both worlds.  The Together Approach tools help us to spend more time in the Together world.


  1. Judging myself or someone else

  2. Either head or heart rules

  3. Someone's needs are more important

  4. Too much confusion, resignation, despair, anxiety, anger, guilt

  5. Unconsciously repeat patterns from my family, or rebel and do the opposite

  6. Make demands of others

  7. Angry boundaries

  8. Rewarding, sanctioning, manipulating, coercing

  9. Attacking and defending

  10. Someone plays the victim of others' actions

  11. If only it weren't like that

  12. Surviving


  1. Compassionate understanding of myself and others

  2. Head and heart work together

  3. Everyone's needs are held with equal care

  4. More than enough purpose, confidence, belonging, trust, fun, clarity

  5. Change patterns consciously and do what works for me

  6. Request what you need in ways that work

  7. Firm, considerate boundaries

  8. Feedback, appreciation, joint strategy

  9. Empathic listening

  10. Everyone takes responsibility and acts with power

  11. It is like that (at the moment). What do I want to do about it?

  12. ​Thriving