Are you an organisation or group of individuals based in Bristol, London or the South of England? Or you answered 'no' to that, but you really like what you've seen so far?

Please contact me through the contact page or email or call 07584 486415.


The Together Approach includes skills help you to:​

  • foster a work environment which values emotional intelligence, respect and compassion as well as outstanding success

  • become aware of unhelpful patterns of communication

  • listen and speak in ways which consistently create more supportive, understanding, enjoyable connections with clients and colleagues

  • understand what is at the core of difficult situations and know how to develop creative new win-win solutions

  • make requests which others want to say 'yes' to

  • hold meetings which people want to come to because they find them valuable (truly!)

  • negotiate so that everyone is satisfied

  • set goals and offer effective feedback

  • resolve the core of conflicts so they don't replay over and over again

  • say 'no' in a way which can be more easily heard by the other

  • communicate effectively across divisions without giving up on what's important to you

AND... lots more besides.

If you have a minimum of an hour and a half to invest in group training, and you are a group of 3 people or more, I would love to hear from you. Private sector, public sector, NGOs, schools (I love schools!), community organisations and groups of individuals are all welcome.

What will be most helpful varies massively from organisation, from an introductory 90 minute online session to a several day training package. What we do and what it costs is all up for discussion right from the get go.


I love my group work too much to do individual work on a regular basis, but I'm very excited to work alongside two excellent coaches who have a deep knowledge of Together Approach principles. If you like what you've learned with me in a group teaching session, or group sessions don't work for you, they can help you with ongoing individual personal and professional development.